If you are considering bringing your child in for treatment, you should know that your participation is invaluable and necessary. You spend more time with your child and you know your child best. Your skilled support of your child can speed his or her progress. Research indicates that when parents are actively involved in their child’s therapy, the outcomes are better. Our goal is to teach all parents and caretakers to become successful co-coaches for their child. We want you to learn the best methods for responding to your child’s anxiety.

Children and young teenagers will need your skilled support to overcome their fears because they are not yet developmentally capable of independently pursuing complex and difficult tasks, such as exposure therapy. We will explain and model the skills that you will need to acquire in order to best support your child. You and your child will be given home practice assignments after each session that clearly explain what to do and what NOT to do in order to facilitate progress. You will also learn to manage difficult situations so you can begin to feel more confident about helping your child overcome fear and anxiety.

We recognize that many children and teens initially do not want to come in to treatment. Fears and anxiety can make them irritable and oppositional. It is understandable- almost predictable- that your child may be frightened or hesitant about the idea of learning to confront their fears. We are experienced in helping frightened and oppositional children learn how to face and overcome their fears. Our goal is to support your child in discovering the self-confidence that results from confronting and overcoming difficult situations and fears. Ultimately, most children end up enjoying their work here because they feel so successful and free from fear.