Support Groups

OCD Support Group

Meets the first Monday of the month

Time: 6:00-7:15 pm

Cost: $20.00

This group is open to individuals 18 years and older, living with OCD

A support group can play an important role in coping with and overcoming OCD. The GOAL approach helps make those group meetings a place of hope. Group members will have the opportunity to encourage each other’s progress, actively support each other in accomplishing behavioral goals, and share in the celebration of each other’s successes. For those in the enviable position of having recovered from OCD, the GOAL group can be one of the cornerstones of their relapse prevention program.

First-time attendees: If you are a current client at AOTC and would like to attend the support group for the first time, please discuss with your therapist whether the group might be an effective complement to your current treatment plan. If so, your therapist can make the referral directly to the group’s facilitator, Dr. Kathy Rupertus.

Family Support Group

Together we care; together we share

Meetings of the Family Support Group have been temporarily suspended.

To better meet the scheduling needs of the family members we wish to serve, we are using this time to make changes to the day, time and format of the group. 

We will post updates once these changes have been finalized.  

Time: 7:00-8:15 pm

Cost: $20.00

When someone you love is struggling with anxiety or OCD, you are faced with a unique set of challenges: How should you respond to a loved one’s anxious behaviors and avoidances? How can you offer support without encouraging the anxiety? How can you best take care of yourself through these challenges? The Wilmington area is home to many families, parents, spouses, partners, and supporters of someone diagnosed with OCD or an anxiety disorder. This professionally facilitated support group offers the opportunity to bring family members together, break the isolation many often experience, and share with others who truly understand your experience. New group members are frequently filled with wonder when they finally meet others who understand the challenges and emotions of watching a loved one struggle with an anxiety disorder. You belong with us… come listen, support, and learn.

Those interested in attending for the first time are asked to contact Dr. Peer Mugnier, (215) 764-5297. A brief screening may be required to be sure this support group is a good match for their needs.