A Word for Parents

If you're thinking about bringing your child in for treatment, we want you to know: you are not just a spectator, you are part of the team. Your role is crucial because you know your child better than anyone else. Your active involvement can make a real difference in how quickly your child progresses. Research backs this up—kids do better in therapy when their parents are actively involved.

Young kids and teenagers often need an extra push to tackle their fears. They're still growing and might not have the skills to face challenging tasks like exposure therapy on their own. That's where you come in. We'll show you the ropes, teaching you the skills you need to be your child's co-coach in overcoming anxiety and fear.

We get it—therapy can be a tough sell for kids. The idea of facing their fears head-on might make them hesitant or even a bit rebellious. That's pretty normal, and we're prepared for it. Our team is experienced in helping even the most reluctant kids learn how to manage their fears.

The end goal? To help your child discover the self-confidence that comes from facing and overcoming their fears. Most kids end up feeling empowered and free from the anxieties that held them back. So let's work together to help your child live a more fearless life.